Streda, 07 December 2022

ip4women targets to improve gender balance and reduce the gender gap in patenting by developing a systematic approach to introduce patent e-mentoring concept; aiming to e-train and/or e-guide those who would be a potential patent applicant inventors, also supply more enhanced initial and continuous training for those who would want to be a patent e-mentors for women in work-based environment. According to this core aim, ip4women is designed to perform:

- to optimise the overall system by using the continuous feedback and include volunteer e-mentors for better sustainability of the complete ip4women system.
- to test the whole system, including mentor-mentee relations, individual information seekers responses, e-guiding performance by using intelligent and interactive feedback toolkit,
- to develop multi-level IPR & patenting e-learning and e-guiding platform for e-Mentors as well as patent applicants,
- IPR & patenting practical multi-level e-learning "content need" analysis, by holding practical and intelligent surveys by the aid of partner women NGOs in all project countries,

ip4women aims to realize these interesting and challenging achievements by the use of its exceptional design and well prepared road map!..

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